Oil skimmers / Surface skimmers

Belt skimmer BSK

POLO belt skimmers, series BSK, are used to remove non-emulsified, floating oil from liquids, such as water or cooling lubricant emulsions. If floating oil is not removed from the surface, it will lie on the surface like a “cloth”. This prevents the cooling lubricant from “breathing”, which can cause it to tip over because bacteria and germs multiply at breakneck speed. The service life of the cooling lubricant is considerably extended by the use of the BSK.

Their advantages

  • Removes harmful foreign oils
  • Easy retrofit
  • Almost maintenance free
  • For tank depths of up to 2500 mm

Short info

  • Small installation dimensions in the tank
  • Can be used for highly fluctuating levels
  • Available in different immersion depths
  • Easy to maintain

With magnetic base as an option

Optionally, the belt skimmer can be equipped with a magnetic base for quicker installation on the tank.
The advantage is that there is no need to drill or bolt to the tank while the process is running. No chips are produced that could contaminate the clean tank. The position on the tank can always be changed so that the belt skimmer is always in the ideal position for the highest floating tramp oil content.


Essentially, the belt skimmer consists of a skimmer belt, a drive motor, a scraper and two deflection pulleys


The circulating skimmer belt dips into the liquid. The floating oil sticks to the belt due to the different levels of attraction (adhesion forces) between different substances and is pulled off the surface. Staggered scrapers separate the adhering oil wear-free from the belt. The oil is discharged by means of a drainage channel. The POLO belt skimmer is a virtually maintenance-free device. Readjustment of the scrapers is not necessary. The POLO belt skimmer has been designed to be mounted on a tank. It should be positioned where the oil to be skimmed off collects when the surface of the liquid is calm. At the customer’s end, the oil drainage channel must be continued and led into a suitable oil collector.


Compact design

Made in Germany

Process safety

No consumables

Low maintenance

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Data sheet

Standard sizesBSK-A0.6
Length 340
Immersion depth* 195 to 2500
Weight approx. (kg) 10
Rotational speed (1/min.) 15
Nominal power (W) 3,5
Operating voltage 24 V / 50 Hz
Supply voltage3 ~ 230 V 50 Hz

*Larger immersion depths available on request.

Subject to technical changes in the interest of progress.

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