We analyse your filtration needs

For a specific application, send us a sample of the medium to be cleaned. You can purchase the transport containers provided for this purpose directly from us. | 0421 / 23802 – 55
In our laboratory, this is subjected to a precise test for dirt content and filtration efficiency. Based on the findings, we will prepare a customised offer for you.


Since 1949, we have been consulting, planning, designing and manufacturing customised filter systems for a wide range of applications and flow rates.


We provide the right solution.
Below you will find a PDF to download with the most important information we need from you for quick processing.

PDF: Sample analysis

We analyse your filtration needs and draw up a concept for your individual application. Please fill in the PDF below.


Fast and uncomplicated maintenance of your filters as well as competent consultation directly at your location, worldwide.

Rental and trial filters

We will be happy to provide you with a filter for trial and installation.

  • Filter for trial
  • Skimmer for trial