Quick and without hassle

Preventive maintenance

To avoid unplanned downtimes, POLO offers you preventive maintenance services for your filter systems on the highest level. Just like a car, your filter system needs a regular ” check-up”. Are the seals still in good condition, is the carrier chain worn out or are there other things that could endanger the work of your filter system?
Any downtime is a threat to production!
Of course, we also carry out service work during your company’s shutdown times! Reliable and quick!



The provision of all maintenance work is also part of our range of services – from stock-taking, to the determination and calculation of maintenance intervals, to maintenance work and repairs. Our service team will be happy to assist you throughout the entire maintenance process.

Several locations in Germany allow our service teams to react and act quickly.


During commissioning, our experienced staff will familiarise your employees with your filter system. Your employees are thus able to recognise wear or malfunctions at an early stage.
This provides you with the advantage of being able to take maintenance and servicing work into account in production planning in a timely manner.

Carrying out maintenance work yourself

Regardless of whether it is a single or a group of POLO filter systems, this app will always keep you on top of things. Deviations from the optimised operating state are displayed immediately. Thus, you have even better control and can act at an early stage. In addition, there are videos in the app on maintenance work that you can carry out yourself.