Central systems

The centrepiece of your production

POLO central systems are used to centrally supply machine groups up to complete production halls. Large volume flows are maintained and made available to the machines again in the same quality. The chips discharged by the filter system are collected centrally. This reduces the disposal workload considerably. The monitoring of the cooling lubricant only is performed in the central plant. The work on individual machines is eliminated.

Their advantages

  • Space-saving
  • Installation outside the production hall possible
  • More free space for machine tools in the workshop
  • Lower maintenance compared to stand-alone supply
  • One dirt extraction point only
  • Same quality of cooling lubricant on all machines

Short info

  • Steel and stainless steel construction
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Process safety
  • Reduced staff costs for cooling lubricant monitoring
  • Reduced staff costs for chip disposal

A professional in every size

POLO central systems are ideally suited for cleaning larger volume flows of cooling lubricants. Each system is individually designed to meet the specific needs and spatial conditions on site. POLO’s many years of experience guarantee a high quality standard with continuous operational reliability of your production.

As a general contractor (GC), POLO offers individual components through to turnkey central systems, including piping networks.

By professionals, for professionals, with professionals

Modular design

A wide variety of components are individually adapted to the customer’s needs, such as

  • Refrigeration units
  • Filter stages
  • Chip disposal
  • Automatic monitoring of cooling lubricants
  • Dosing units
  • Pumps
  • and many more

can be combined to a central system.

Added benefits of your POLO central system

POLO central systems, Made in Germany, are professionally, sustainably and energetically designed, offer a multitude of advantages and form the reliably core of your production.

The intelligent control can/will significantly reduce energy costs and optimally control the entire, extensive filtration process, which minimises the consumption of filter aids.

Fluctuating volume flows, caused by switching individual machines on and off, are automatically detected by the central system and internally processed in such a way that the central system guarantees an energetically optimal supply of the production.


The space freed up in production by using a central system can thus be used economically elsewhere. Additional advantages of an external installation of the central system are:

  • Reduction of noise emissions
  • Less heat generation in the production hall

The space freed up in production is then available for setting up further machines.



Energy efficiency

Made in Germany

Process safety

Low maintenance

Central systems by Polo Filter-Technik


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