Chip carriage

Chip carriage SW

The POLO chip carriage is mobile and tiltable. It can be used flexibly and quickly and fits under all filter systems and conveyors. Tiresome disposal of chips is no longer necessary, as the SW can be lifted by a forklift truck due to its special design.

Their advantages

  • Easy chip collection
  • Chips easy to dispose
  • Drying of the chips through protective grids

Short info

  • Flexible use
  • Long service life
  • Tiltable

Get from A to B quickly

The chip carriage can be operated quickly and easily, which is why it can be used very flexibly. Today on machine A and tomorrow on machine B – no problem with our chip cart, as it is equipped with castors. For longer distances, it can also be transported by forklift truck.


The liquid medium that collects in the chip carriage can be drained easily and quickly by means of the drain valve which is located on the rear bottom side. A protective grid holds back the chips so that the chip trolley is easier to empty later.


The tilting function makes it easy to dispose of the chips. The drain valve allows the liquid that has been collected to be disposed of beforehand which guarantees environmentally friendly disposal of the chips.


Compact design

Made in Germany

Process safety

Low maintenance

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Data sheet

Standard sizesSW-150SW-600SW-900
Length 116014601460
Width 72010701640
Height without rollers 675950950
Height with rollers 84511201120
Volume (cum) 0,150,600,90
Weight approx. (kg) 86140176
Load-bearing capacity max. (kg)120480700

Subject to technical changes in the interest of progress.

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